Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Stations

CNG Costs About $1.36 Less Than Diesel on an Energy-Equivalent Basis*

As a leader in the trucking industry, JRayl takes sustainability seriously. That’s why we’re making compressed natural gas more accessible by opening the first public CNG gas station in Akron, Ohio. Located at 1201 South Arlington Street in Akron, our natural gas station has two CNG fueling bays that use fast-fill technology to get CNG trucks fueled and on the road faster.

To accommodate diesel and dual-fuel trucks, our CNG gas station also has a diesel fueling bay for fueling 24 hours/day. Our natural gas station is one of many ways that JRayl is making it easier for other companies and consumers to reduce their carbon footprint with CNG trucks and CNG vehicles.

*Source: Clean Cities Alternative Fuel Price Report, July 2013.

CNG and Dual-Fuel Trucks

JRayl's Fleet Is Made of CNG and Dual-Fuel Trucks

JRayl strongly believes that natural gas trucks are good for our economy, environment and bottom line. Not only do they reduce our dependence on foreign oil, but heavy-duty natural gas vehicles also reduce greenhouse gas emissions between 20%-23% because CNG is more efficient and burns cleaner than diesel.**

What’s more, diesel prices continue to climb, while natural gas typically costs about two-thirds as much (after adjusting prices for the different energy contents of the two fuels). JRayl has added more than 60 CNG trucks and 18 dual-fuel trucks, which can all be refueled at our CNG gas station.

These trucks will help reduce JRayl’s carbon footprint and help shippers meet corporate sustainability objectives.

**”For Fleets.” NGVA. Web. 25 Nov. 2013.

Training and Equipment

Improving Driving Behaviors Can Reduce Vehicle Fuel Use By up to 20%***

In addition to our natural gas station, CNG trucks and dual-fuel trucks, JRayl reduces environmental impact through driver training and equipment. All our drivers receive extensive training on methods that are proven to maximize fuel savings, and drivers are incentivized with rewards for conserving fuel.

From an equipment standpoint, JRayl invests in auxiliary power units to enhance driver comfort without idling, which cuts fuel costs and reduces emissions. Our CNG trucks, dual-fuel trucks and diesel trucks are also outfitted with aerodynamic packages to improve fuel efficiency.

***Source: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, March 2011.