Demonstrates Leadership

70% of Companies Have Placed Sustainability Permanently on Their Management Agendas*

Environmental responsibility is necessary to compete in today’s market. The best trucking companies are embracing sustainability by employing CNG trucks, dual-fuel trucks, training, equipment and other initiatives that lessen environmental impact. The addition of a natural gas station can greatly help these fleets remain sustainable.

Promoting greener transportation by reducing fuel use can help your company improve its bottom line. Companies not only can save on fuel costs for undertaking environmentally responsible activities, they also improve their public reputation by operating in a socially responsible manner.

*Source: MIT Sloan Management Review Research Report, Winter 2012.

Appeals to Customers

Two-Thirds of Executives Said That Sustainability Was Necessary to Being Competitive in Today's Marketplace**

There are a growing number of consumers who demand green behavior from businesses. Sustainability initiatives can improve your company’s image, drive brand preference and build customer loyalty. They can even help you attract customers who care about a company’s environmental footprint.

**Source: MIT Sloan Management Review Research Report, Winter 2012.

Provides Security

The U.S. Imports About 27% of the Petroleum Consumed***

Natural gas has allowed the U.S. to decrease its dependence on Middle East oil and is driving down the cost of energy.