Wisconsin company gassing up for growth at Akron’s only public compressed natural gas station

A new gas station on Arlington Street in Akron is offering cheap fuel.

And yet there are no lines of cars.

That’s because the low-cost fuel is compressed natural gas, or CNG, an emerging energy source.

Freight hauler J. Rayl Transport of Akron, which now operates more than 70 trucks powered with compressed natural gas, built the station to jump on the abundant and inexpensive fuel supply.

“This is a strategic business decision,” said Jeremy Rayl, CEO of J. Rayl. “CNG costs less than diesel fuel, burns cleaner and reduces our fleet’s emissions.”

Compressed natural gas can cost 40 percent less than a diesel-equivalent gallon.

This month, J. Rayl signed off on a deal in which U.S. Oil, a national oil marketer headquartered in Wisconsin, has acquired the station. U.S. Oil will more aggressively market the compressed natural gas station to fleets of other trucking companies.

The oil company plans to brand the station a Gain Clean Fuel location. Soon, the station’s nondescript CNG pumps will boast the Gain Clean fuel logo.

In turn, J. Rayl will “share in the profitability of the station,” said Bill Renz, general manager of the Gain Clean Fuel division of U.S. Oil, with main offices in Appleton, Wis. Financial terms of the deal are not being revealed.

J. Rayl will, of course, continue to have a ready source of inexpensive fuel. It now has 76 trucks powered by compressed natural gas and 18 “dual-fuel” trucks that simultaneously run diesel and CNG.

The family-owned J. Rayl of Akron boasts a total of 250 trucks and offers long and short-haul service. The company was founded in 1987 by Jeremy’s father Tim Rayl and Jim St. John.

Jeremy Rayl noted that in addition to marketing the station, U.S. Oil will maintain the station’s costly equipment. This leaves those at J. Rayl, he said, “to focus on our core business.”

The company employs more than 200 in Akron, including drivers.

The CNG filling station, at 1201 S. Arlington, is next to J. Rayl’s headquarters and on the site of the old Rex Salvage store property.


National ambition

With the U.S. Oil acquisition, the station now is part of Gain Clean Fuel’s plans for a national network of compressed natural gas stations focused on truck fleets, Renz said. He stressed that Gain Clean Fuel’s stations are open to the general public; the J. Rayl station was established as a public site.

“We’re covering the whole country. We have plans to have 100 sites in three years,” said Renz.

Gain is well on the way to that goal, with roughly 40 stations already operating or in the works.

Ohio boasts fewer than 20 public CNG stations run by various operators, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

The station at J. Rayl’s headquarters is the only public station in the Akron area.

Smith Dairy in Orrville opened a compressed natural gas fueling island at its complex in 2012. The station — open to the public — is just off Main Street, near the dairy corporate headquarters in the Wayne County city.

The country, Renz said, has a lack of CNG sites geared toward truck fleets, and that’s helping to keep demand down for CNG-powered, heavy-duty vehicles.

“The vast majority” of CNG stations are too small to accommodate large fleets and do not have the “fast fill” compressors allowing for a “fill time” similar to gas or diesel, Renz said.

CNG stations, with expensive compressors, are costly, and the stations outfitted to accommodate commercial trucks can easily cost more than $1 million.


Suitable location

The Akron station was an attractive site, Renz said, because it’s big enough to accommodate tractor-trailers — also known as Class 8 trucks — and is not far from Interstate 76.

“We see growth being on that interstate … We see being able to grow interest,” among both regional and national fleets considering CNG vehicles, Renz said.

“We’re going after anyone considering making the transition to compressed natural gas vehicles.”

U.S. Oil is focusing on fleets, Renz said, because that segment has growth potential. Overall, the number of vehicles using natural gas is very small — as yet.

One reason: CNG-powered trucks and cars cost much more than their traditional counterparts.

A CNG semi truck costs roughly $60,000 more than a diesel-powered one, Renz said.

But J. Rayl and other transport companies note that big trucks using lots of fuel can make up the price difference relatively quickly with the low prices of compressed natural gas.

Still, Jeremy Rayl said, “There’s a lot of risk [with CNG].”

The trucks, he said, “are unproven … this is a new technology.” And, he noted, natural gas prices could rise.

J Rayl Transport switches to U.S. Oil’s Gain CNG fuel

J Rayl Transport has switched its existing compressed natural gas (CNG) station at its Akron, OH, headquarters to CNG fueling from U.S. Oil’s Gain Clean Fuel.

As part of the partnership, U.S. Oil has acquired the existing CNG station at J Rayl’s headquarters and will also construct a new Gain Clean Fuel station in Sunnyvale, TX, just east of Dallas, to provide service to J Rayl’s long haul transportation routes.

In addition, J Rayl Transport will purchase 76 dedicated CNG tractors and plans to convert more of its fleet to CNG in the future, U.S. Oil said.

“This is a strategic business decision,” said Jeremy Rayl, J Rayl CEO. “CNG costs less than diesel fuel, burns cleaner and reduces our fleet’s emissions. All of these are positives for the environment and for our bottom line.”

Gain’s national network of CNG stations will also provide the J Rayl fleet with access to CNG in many parts of the country.

“We are a local, regional, and a national carrier, specializing in full truck load service,” Rayl said. “By partnering with U.S. Oil and taking advantage of its Gain network, our goal is to be among the most fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly fleets in the country.”

J Rayl will use the two new GAIN stations, as well as other GAIN Clean Fuel stations along the East Coast to fuel its expanding CNG fleet. The Akron facility is fully operational and the Sunnyville site will open in September. Both facilities will be available for use by other trucking firms and the general public.

“This is an exciting opportunity,” said Bill Renz, Gain Clean Fuel’s general manager. “It allows us to continue expanding our network to provide GAIN to carriers with national transportation routes.”

J Rayl Transport is a family-owned transportation company serving the tire, food, beverage, retail, plastics, and other industries. Its fleet, with more than 230 trucks, 750 dry van trailers and 25 flat-beds, serves the entire U.S. through terminals in Ohio, Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, and Texas.

Brand new entrance at Headquarters in Akron, OH!

JRayl has implemented a new traffic pattern for truck and trailer traffic. Effectively immediately, truck traffic is expected to enter the JRayl yard at the entrance of Arlington and Wilbeth traffic intersection. This is the entrance that used to be Rex’s Salvage at 1201 S. Arlington Rd. Please discontinue accessing the yard at the Triplett Ave entrance. The entrance at Triplett Ave will be used exclusively for car and employee traffic. If there are any questions, please contact the safety department %40; 330-784-1134

J-Rayl was awarded Heavy Duty Trucking’s 50 greenest fleets – November 2013

Out of a fleet of 220 heavy-duty vehicles, currently 10 are dedicated CNG and 3 are dual-fuel. At press time, 66 more CNG trucks were scheduled to be delivered by the end of the year. JRayl also plans to convert 80 2007 and 2008 international trucks to a dual fuel diesel/natural-gas system from EcoDual. By the end of 2013, 33% of the fleet will be CNG, and 80% by the end of 2014. Read more.

J-Rayl Opens Terminal near South Bend, IN

JRayl has opened a new location in North Liberty, IN, just 15 miles from The University of Notre Dame.

As a company, this location is crucial to our long term growth strategy, and as a result we have added approximately 20 new drivers out of that terminal. This number, as well as some office staff, will be added too as we continue to add business in that region. We have also hired Randy Scamehorn who will be helping us get that location up and running and will be helping out with various operation duties.