About Us

About Us

J. Rayl is a large, asset-based logistics company that has been family owned and operated since 1987. Founders Tim Rayl and Jim St. John began the company with only five trucks on a small private farm in Akron, OH. Since its humble beginnings, J. Rayl has grown tremendously but still maintains a family atmosphere that makes it one of the best trucking companies to work for. Tim Rayl remains active as the President and CEO of J. Rayl Transport.

J. Rayl provides reliable transportation and logistics solutions. With more than 400 employees and various strategically placed locations, the trucking business is able to meet the needs of a growing number of shippers, carriers and drivers throughout the U.S. and internationally. J. Rayl is also dedicated to sustainability. It reduces its carbon footprint to increase social responsibility and help shippers meet their corporate objectives. Some of the ways the company lessens environmental impact are by offering CNG fueling, running CNG trucks, and using effective training and equipment.

J. Rayl strives to make the roads safer for travel, the air cleaner for breathing, the customer service experience positive, and the business profitable for the people who find loads, ship freight, and join the J. Rayl team.

Our People

Our History

JRayl Transport started in the transportation industry over 30 years ago. On May 5th, 1987, JRayl Transport was Incorporated and moved to Akron, Ohio from a farm in Green, Ohio. By 1988 JRayl Transport hit revenue milestone of $1MM. In 1990, JRayl reached the $5MM milestone and purchased the 184 Massillon Road Terminal. Two years later JRayl was operating 50 tractors and made the decision to acquire Garn & Gooday Transportation.

At the turn of the Century, JRayl reached the milestone of $10MM in revenue. By 2002, Tim and Jim decided to add to the family with the purchase of C&S Services. By 2005 there were over 100 company tractors in the JRayl fleet! Going into 2007 the revenue reached over $25MM and JRayl decided to acquire Quality Logistics. Following the transaction, JRayl decided to open our Danville, Virginia Terminal to expand our growing customer requirements. Concept Freight was added to the family in 2008 and JRayl moved the now Headquarters 1016 Triplett Boulevard, in Akron, Ohio.

In an effort to expand the geographical footprint of JRayl, in 2010 JRayl Transport opened our Sunnyvale, Texas location outside of Dallas, Texas. By 2013 as JRayl marked the 15 Million Miles traveled as an Transportation Company they decided to open a Drayage Division in Euclid, Ohio. To continue geographical expansion efforts, Midwest Logistics was added to the family and a terminal in North Liberty, Indiana was opened. Lastly in 2013, with over 200 trucks, JRayl opened Akron’s first compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station and our first CNG vehicle went over the road.

2015 marked the achievement of over 350 employees and by 2016 JRayl was running over 300 company tractors in four different states.

Currently, JRayl Transport has over 400 tractors, 1200 trailers and close to 400 employees covering the eastern United States. JRayl has grown tremendously but still maintains a family atmosphere.

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